Prescription Savings Program

NO Membership Fee.  NO Insurance Necessary.  NO Hassle!

ShopRite is committed to helping customers achieve their long-term health and wellness goals.  Our Prescription Savings Program offers commonly prescribed generic medications starting as low as $4 for a 30-day supply of the most commonly prescribed quantity. 

Customers can save with our lower prices on many generic drugs, including medications for allergies, diabetes, heart health, and thyroid conditions.   View List of Drugs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What drugs are included in the program?

A:   The program applies to select generic drugs at commonly prescribed doses and days supply.  Not all formulations of a drug may be covered.  (Ex. Strength, Extended Release) View List of Drugs   Generics may be limited to specific manufacturers and availability of listed drugs.


Q:  Do I need to enroll in the program or pay a fee to join?

A:   No.  All that is necessary is a valid prescription.  NO Membership Fee. NO Insurance Necessary.  NO Hassle!


Q:  Will the Pharmacy process my prescriptions through my insurance?

A:  ShopRite Pharmacies work with customers and insurance providers to process prescription claims in a timely manner.  Most insurance providers offer a generic drug co-pay, which will vary depending on your insurance plan.  We will process the claim through your existing insurance and charge the ShopRite price.  Check with your local ShopRite Pharmacy to ensure that insurance cards and contact information are on file and correct.

Q:  What if my co-pay is less than $4?

A:   If your co-pay is less than the ShopRite price, you will be charged the co-pay.


Q:  What if I need a larger quantity than the commonly prescribed quantity?

A:  If you have a valid prescription for a quantity that is larger than commonly prescribed, and process through your insurance plan, the plan rules will govern your 30/90 day quantity.  If you pay without insurance, with a valid prescription, you will be charged a prorated amount for the quantity filled.


Q:  What, if any, are exclusions from the Prescription Savings Program?

A:   All valid prescriptions will be accepted.  All policies and procedures for prescription fills apply.


Q:  Will medications on the Prescription Savings Program count towards my insurance deductible?
Yes, if the prescription is billed through your insurance, the claim will count towards your deductible.




Void where prohibited by law.  We reserve the right to modify or discontinue this program at any time.  Speak with your ShopRite Pharmacist for more information.



 Updated 12/13/2021