+What happens if I answer the phone while I’m shopping?
You can answer a call or text during your mobile scan process. Once you complete the call or text, most phones will return you to the app. If your phone does not, just click the mobile scan icon to get back to your shopping.
+Will I lose my order if I take a phone call while shopping?
If you do not use the mobile scan app for approximately 45 minutes (no matter the reason), your order cannot be retrieved or completed via the app.
+What if I lose the wireless signal while shopping?
If the wireless signal is interrupted during your shopping, mobile scan will allow you to continue adding items to the order. NOTE: The field where the price is normally displayed will read “Item information is not available while offline.” You must select “OK” once you are notified of being offline, then the app will resume shopping offline. Once connectivity is restored, the app will automatically update the item or items and notify you of the updating. It will also notify you when wireless service has been restored. If you are using an iPhone and have the autolock feature enabled you may lose the signal when the phone locks. To retrieve the signal just log back into the app.
+What if my mobile device dies/runs out of battery while shopping?
We recommend that you fully charge your mobile device before beginning a mobile scan order. If you notice your device’s battery is low and you have scanned a large order, you can ask a shopping assistant for options. If your device dies, proceed to a self-checkout lane or a lane with a cashier to scan and purchase your items. The order cannot be retrieved from your device once the battery has died.
+What if an item will not scan or displays the wrong price?
If you want to purchase the item, place it in a separate area of your cart. When you check out, ask the store associate to assist you.
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