+What is the “On The Way” program?
The “On The Way” program offers mobile app customers a means to alert their store when they are “On The Way” to pick up their online orders. This will help reduce customer wait times.
+Where is this program available?
The program is currently available at most Order. Pickup. Deliver locations but more locations are expected to be added in the future.
+Where do I subscribe/enroll/sign up for this program?
There is no opt-in process for this program. It is only available via the app once your order has been completed and you can choose to share your estimated ETA.
+ How do I use the On The Way feature to alert my store I’m on my way?
When you receive your order-ready notification log into the ShopRite mobile app. On the landing page select “On My Way”. The “order ready” screen will appear, and you can select an ETA and tap “start trip.” At this time, the store will be notified of your name and estimated arrival time.
+What do I do when I arrive at the store?
Upon arrival, park in a designated store parking spot, open the mobile app, and tap “I’m Here.” The store will be notified you have arrived. On the “Welcome” screen, enter your parking spot and tap “check In”. The store will be notified that you have checked in and are waiting to receive your order.
+ I don’t like being tracked. What if I don’t want to notify the store I’m on my way?
The “On the Way” feature is completely optional. If you don’t wish to notify the store of your ETA, do not select the “On The Way” option on the home page of the mobile app. After parking in a designated spot, follow the “text here” instructions on the parking spot signs.
+What if I forgot to tell the store I’m on my way?
After parking in a designated spot at the store, you can text to alert the store of your arrival. Simply follow the “text here” instructions located on the parking spot signs.
+I did not place my order on the ShopRite mobile app. Can I still participate?
Yes! As long as you have the mobile app on your phone you can tell us you’re on the way.
+What if I don’t receive an order-ready notification?
You can still tell us you’re on the way! The ShopRite mobile app will display “On My Way” at your scheduled reservation time. For example, if you selected to pick up your order at 12:30 PM, the “On the Way” display will show at noon and remain on the screen until you let us know you’re heading to the store.
+ Do I need to have the latest version of the ShopRite mobile app to participate in ShopRite’s Order. Pickup. Delivery. service?
Yes. Having the latest version of the ShopRite mobile app is essential to the efficiency of the Order. Pickup. Delivery service. Checking your App Store, Google Play, Samsung Galaxy Store, etc. for updates will ensure the capability of the program.
+ Can I come to pick up my order from the store if it is fulfilled earlier than my selected pickup time?
The customer is expected to come at the original pickup time that was selected through the order process. You can do this by selecting the “tell us when you’re on the way” feature or by utilizing the “text Here” feature.
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