ShopRite Pharmacy Auto Refill Program

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Proper medication adherence is extremely important in managing your health and leading to the best possible outcome.

It is estimated that 50-70% of Americans do not take their medications as directed*

Poor medication adherence is responsible for the death of 125,000 Americans per year

Up to 25% of nursing facility and hospital admissions are a result of improper medication adherence

Non-adherence costs the healthcare system nearly $300 billion per year in doctor visits, emergency room visits and hospitalizations

ShopRite Pharmacists play an important role in helping our customers properly adhere to their prescription medication.

Your ShopRite Pharmacy will automatically refill your prescription before your supply runs out. All you need is a prescription on file and your prescription number. We’ll even contact your doctor for you when your prescription expires or your refill runs out…Automatically!

Speak with your local ShopRite Pharmacist to determine which of your prescriptions are eligible.

*Based on research from the American Heart Association and Johns Hopkins University