Celebrating Earth Day 2018

We have always enjoyed sharing stories of the amazing things our ShopRite associates and customers are doing to help the environment. In the past, we compiled these stories in a sustainability newsletter. This year – in honor of Earth Day – our environmental newsletter is going digital. We hope you appreciate the same great content in this all-new format. Now sit back, relax and check out these stories of how ShopRite stores are working to make our planet a little bit greener.

Team Green

Many Hands Make Light Work

Thousands of associates, customers and community members participate in the annual ShopRite Earth Day Challenge.

April offers an annual reminder of the importance of being good stewards of the Earth and the environment. It’s a chance to think globally, but act locally.

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Fueled by Farms

ShopRite of Hunterdon County, like many other ShopRite stores, relies on local farms to bring high quality produce to customers.

“Shop local” isn’t just a snappy slogan, especially when it comes to feeding your family. Locally grown produce can be fresher and more sustainable – and it supports local farmers.

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Freezer Lights

Green Lights

Join us as we take you on an environmental tour of our ShopRite stores.

When you arrive at your favorite ShopRite, you’ll see ways the store is working to reduce its environmental impact before you even set foot inside it. Plastic bag recycling bins are…

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Food Donations Nourish Lives

ShopRite warehouses help feed the hungry in New Jersey.

Even with all the technological progress in the 21st century, there are still plenty of New Jersey residents struggling to feed their families. More than one million residents of the Garden State are food insecure.

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Did you know ShopRite has been active in environmental and community initiatives for more than four decades? It’s true! ShopRite has always considered protecting the environment and helping our communities the “right thing to do.” Watch our video to find out more!

Reusable Grocery Bags

Grocery Bag Reduction

Our stores promote bag reuse and provide a broad assortment of reusable bags for shoppers. ShopRite is all about choice and offers three carry-out grocery bag options (paper, plastic and reusable “canvas”). Plastic bag recycling bins are located at the front of each store. Reusing, recycling and reducing the number of bags means less trash is sent to the landfill and fewer environmental resources are wasted.

Recycling Center

Recycling Center

We also help keep other materials out of the waste stream and operate our very own recycling center in Elizabeth, NJ. The facility, which operates just about “24-7,” has recycled over 2.5 MILLION TONS of materials since first opening in the late 1970s! In 2017 alone, our stores recycled 143,588 thousand tons of waxed and corrugated cardboard, 4,221 tons of plastics, 571 tons of newspaper, 190 tons of office paper and 38 tons of metal. The recycling program is always growing, and we recently added plastic receipt spool cores and ShopRite gift cards!

We also keep food waste from ever making it to the landfill! Last year we composted over 20,000 tons of food waste and donated thousands of tons of food to community food banks.

Award and Certifications

Awards and Certifications

Our stores have been recognized by numerous organizations for our sustainability efforts and for taking big steps to reduce waste, conserve energy and water, and feeding the hungry. Many of our stores participated in the Food Recovery Challenge and partnered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) to reduce food waste by recycling, composting and increasing food donations. In addition, more and more ShopRite stores are receiving Grocery Stewardship Certification (GSC). GSC is the nation’s first and only grocery sustainability certification program, which provides store leaders with a framework for systematizing sustainability practices at retail and increases employee engagement with decreasing environmental impact.

Earth Day Challenge

ShopRite Earth Day Challenge

The annual “ShopRite Earth Day Challenge” dares volunteers to beautify their communities by cleaning up litter at local parks and beaches. In 2017, approximately 10,000 volunteers—wearing donated gloves and using trash bags—gathered to clean up 130 locations in five states. That’s just about 50,000 volunteers participating in the challenge over the past nine years! Call 1-800-ShopRite for more information.

ShopRite Green Team

Associate Green Teams

Green teams are groups of associates who voluntarily work together to make our stores more sustainable. Our ShopRite associates educate themselves, so that they can communicate better with customers and co-workers. Right now we have more than 100 retail green teams, and the number keeps growing!

ShopRite in our Communities

ShopRite has worked for many years to cultivate partnerships with environmental organizations in our communities, and each year we add a few more. There is definitely strength in numbers! When communities come together to improve the environment, they can really make a difference!

ShopRite in the Community

ShopRite in our Community

Young people cleaning up the beach

ShopRite in our Community

ShopRite in our Community

ShopRite in our Community

ShopRite Earth

Earth News

Check Out Our Environmental Newsletter!

To help educate customers and communities, we publish an environmental newsletter called ShopRite Earth. This award-winning publication informs our customers about all of the things ShopRite is doing to help the environment. It also includes ideas for our customers like reducing energy and water use, recycling and composting. Take a look at the most recent ShopRite Earth below.

Working Hand in Hand in Our Communities

Working Hand in Hand in Our Communities

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Together we can make a difference

Together We Can Make a Difference

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Caring for Wildlife

Caring for Wildlife and Where They Live

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we care about the Earth!

Our Earth and Our Future

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Evironmental Leaders

Becoming Environmental Leaders

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Importance of Clean Water

The Importance of Clean Water

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An Earth Day Thank You to our Environmental Friends!

We'd like to send a special thank you to our friends at: Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions, Audubon Society of New Jersey & Connecticut, Blue Water Baltimore, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Clean Communities Council, Clean Ocean Action, Clearwater of New Jersey, Coastal Research & Education Society of Long Island, Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey, Friends of Island Beach State Park, Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Delaware River Sojourn, Greater Newark Conservancy, Hackensack River keeper, Inc., Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc., Jersey Shore Partnership , Nature Conservancy, New Jersey Envirothon, New Jersey Highlands Coalition, Pennsylvania Forestry Foundation/Team River Runner, Pollinator Partnership, Raritan Headwaters Association, Soundwaters of Connecticut, and Wetlands Institute.