Proud to Support our Local Farmers

Grown Fresh. Grown Locally. Grown for ShopRite.

ShopRite is proud to work with local family farms because local is not only how we source our food – it’s who we are.

Each ShopRite is family owned – by families that live and work in the communities they serve. So when we say we support locally owned family farms as a family business, we mean it. For over fifty years we’ve been proud to be your homegrown grocer.

What does homegrown mean? It means not only do we live in and work in the communities we serve but we also work to support the community. Our home is your home. That’s why we are proud to work with local family farmers in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware and Maryland to source the freshest possible food for you.

Whether it’s cucumbers from your county or corn from the state next door, you can always be sure it’s picked at its peak flavor and delicious.

Buying locally grown fruit, vegetables, and herbs supports the local economy, helps reduce the environmental impact and transportation costs, and also guarantees you the freshest tastiest food.

When local family businesses support one another it’s good for the whole community. And that’s exactly the sort of community we like to be a part of.

Dandrea Farms

Jana Dandrea

Piedimonte Farms

Piedimonte Farms

Anthony Piedimonte

Pleasantdale Farms

Pleasantdale Farms

David Arena and Anna Paper

Santa Sweets Farms

J. M. Procacci

Meet Our Farmers

ShopRite has been working with many family owned farms for three and four generations.

Pointsett Farm and Indian Mills Cranberry Co

Formisano Farms

Piedimont Farms