+ Why did you start a recycling program for the bags I get with my online order?
The strict New Jersey Bag Ban, implemented on May 4, 2022, introduced a need for a recycling program for our online shoppers. Because this law prohibits both single-use plastic and paper bags, reusable bags are utilized for pickup and delivery e-commerce orders. Because our online customers were not accustomed to receiving so many reusable bags, we have implemented an exclusive recycling program for the reusable bags you receive when you shop through Order.Pickup.Deliver. (OPD).
+ What kind of reusable bags can be recycled in this program?
At this time, the program is dedicated to recycling clean reusable bags utilized for Order.Pickup.Deliver. orders only. To ensure the purity of the recycling stream, reusable bags obtained from other retailers are currently not accepted.
+ What defines a “clean” reusable bag?
Clean bags are free from dirt, detritus or odors. OPD reusable bags can be returned to “gently used” condition by running them through a delicate cold-water cycle in your washing machine.
+How do I recycle my OPD reusable bags?
Currently, the ONLY way to recycle OPD reusable bags is to hand them to an OPD associate, either in-store or when you pick up an order in a designated OPD pickup area.
+ Can I hand bags back to a delivery driver when my groceries are dropped at my home?
At this time, no. Delivery drivers are not permitted to accept 80GSM bags for recycling, as many drivers work for third-party delivery vendors and do not return to our store.
+I tried to return a bag to recycle but your associate said you do not accept that type of bag. What should I do with it?
Any reusable bag in new or gently used condition that does not meet the criteria of our new recycling program can be donated to local food banks, which are gratefully accepting bags at this time. Visit the Community Food Bank of New Jersey website, which has an interactive map finder that locates food banks near your home: https://cfbnj.org/donate-reusable-shopping-bags
+What happens to the reusable bags after I turn them in?
Stores have the option to either donate the bags to a local food bank or send them to ShopRite’s recycling facility in Elizabeth, where they will be repurposed into polypropylene pellets that will be used for new non-food products (containers, gardening items, etc.) and industrial applications such as construction materials.
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