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WP Pita Chips and Hummus FINAL
A Big, Fat, Greek Feast Perfect for Spring Entertaining

Tired of serving up the same old dishes again and again? Bring some fresh, bright, Greek flavor to the dinner table with a classic Mediterranean feast!


Campbells Easter Milano Cupcakes
Positively Perfect Easter Treats with Pepperidge Farm

From simply elegant desserts to kid-friendly cupcakes and animal-themed toast, our friends at Pepperidge Farm have everything you need to throw the perfect party this Easter!


Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage
Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with 5 Corned Beef Recipe Mash Ups

Whether it’s your first time hosting St. Patrick’s Day or you’re a seasoned pro, switch things up this holiday with any of these fun leftover corned beef recipe mashups!


Digital Receipts

Digital Receipts FAQs


Q: How do I enroll to receive Digital Receipts?

A: To enroll in Digital Receipts, you must have a account and a Price Plus Club card. If you do, sign in to your account, go to settings, and update the My Price Plus Club profile information. Select the “Yes” button, next to the following two questions:

Would you like to opt in to receive digital receipts?

Would you like to receive email notification when a new digital receipt is available?

Example of My Profile account update screen


Q: Do I have to provide my email address?

A: Yes. We must have your email address.  Digital receipts will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your purchase.


Q: Will I still get a paper receipt? Can I opt out of digital receipts?

A: Yes, you will still get a paper receipt. Currently you cannot opt out of paper.


Q: Is there a digital receipt portal? How do I access the “old” digital receipts?

A: Currently, digital receipt are only available via email.  We recommend you save all of your digital receipts on your personal computer for future reference. If you need assistance our customer care team at 1-800-ShopRite can re-email the receipt to you.


Q: How do I know I received a digital receipt?

A: Digital receipts will be emailed to the address you have entered as part of your profile. If you are not receiving receipts, please log on to your account and confirm that the address is correct. Please check your spam folder as well. If you see our email, please mark us as “not spam.” If it is correct and you still do not receive the receipt, you can call 1-800-Shoprite for assistance.


Q: I didn’t receive/see an email from ShopRite in my inbox?

A: Log on to your account and check to see if the email you have entered is correct. Please also check your spam folder. If you see our email, please mark us as “not spam.”   If your email address is correct you do not see an email in spam, you can call 1-800-ShopRite for assistance.


Q: Who sends the email? What address does the email come from?

A: Digital receipt emails will come from ShopRite – Digital Receipt. The email address is Please do not reply to the email as the inbox is unmonitored. Also, make sure you mark this email as “not spam.”


Q: What do these codes mean on my receipt?

A: There are different codes that appear next to each item on your receipt:

F – Food stamp-able

T – Taxable

W – Weighted


Q:    How are my digital coupons shown on my digital receipt?

A:     Digital coupons may be displayed on the receipt in one of two ways, depending on how the store has set up their checkout system. Digital coupon deductions can be identified by the letters “TC”, “DS” or “DM” next to the discount amount.


Q: How are prescriptions/rx purchases displayed on my digital receipt?

A:     Prescriptions/rx purchases can be identified by the words “PRESCRIPTIONS” or “PHARMACY CO-PAY KEY” next to the amount, depending on the store.


Spicy Shrimp Sliders
Pepperidge Farm and Goldfish Game Day

Serve up these simple sliders and sweet & salty snack mixes so that all your party guests, large and small alike, can dig into game day grub together!


Slow Cooker Chili in Bread Bowl
Slow Cooker Tailgate Recipes

Tailgating & football kick off parties can be all fun and games, but who wants to spend hours cooking?Let our Expert Butcher and author of The Everyday Meat Guide, Ray Venezia, walk you through his Game Day recipes.  These recipes are simple and easy to prepare ahead of time; just add all ingredients, set your slow-cooker to low, and kick off the start to your game day festivities!


Doritos Superbowl ALL FINAL
An Epic SuperBowl Spread with Doritos

Forget breadcrumbs, take your SuperBowl menu to a whole new level with these 5 flavorful Doritos-crusted appetizers’ recipes!


Marshmallows no branding FINAL
DIY Edible Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Whether you’re spreading a little holiday cheer around the office or aiming for a homemade White Elephant gift for a friend, these DIY edible holiday gifts are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!


Holiday Roasted bone in beef tenderloin
Wow Everyone at Your Next Holiday Dinner Party with Bone-In Beef Tenderloin

Nothing will get your guests to ooh and ahh around the holidays quite like a whole roasted Pat Lafrieda bone-in beef tenderloin! Read on for our easy recipe to have them talking until next year’s holiday party!


Slow Cooker Turkey Breast for Thanskgiving
Simple Slow Cooker Turkey Breast for Small Thanksgiving Gatherings

Are you hosting a smaller, cozier Thanksgiving get-together this year? Don’t stress about roasting a whole turkey; serve up plenty of turkey for dinner (and leftovers) with this simple slow cooker turkey breast recipe!