Request A Donation

Inserra Supermarkets is proud of the company's long-held traditions of serving families and being a good neighbor and community member in all of the towns in which it operates ShopRite and PriceRite stores.

A true partner to the communities it serves, Inserra Supermarkets sponsors events and organizations where our family owned and operated stores are located. Inserra Supermarkets supports local organizations, including, hospitals, schools, community wellness programs, and local chapters of civic and veterans groups. When submitting your application note our giving priorities are:

Our Communities
Health & Wellness
Hunger Relief
Research for the Cure

All donation and sponsorship requests must be submitted through our online request form. Please note we care passionately about our communities and wish we could donate whenever asked.

However, there are types of requests we are not able to assist with including:

Solicitation on our property. We are not able to permit leafleting, selling of candy, cookies, flowers, etc., or food drives on our property by any organization for any purpose. We can, however, consider a donation in lieu of solicitation. If your local community organization is looking for help with fundraising, please proceed to our donation request form and provide information for our review. Requests from individuals for support for personal projects or other individuals or families. However, we provide generous support to agencies and organizations that can assist individuals or families in need. Charitable fundraising efforts of other businesses.


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