Recycling Made Easy

Late last year, ShopRite introduced a range of new Own Brands products featuring a special How2Recycle® label developed by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. ShopRite has worked with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and its easy-to-read How2Recycle® label is an important part of ShopRite’s sustainable packaging efforts. The label is appearing on some of the new ShopRite Own Brands items including Paperbird™ paper and home-cleaning products and Bowl & Basket™ foods and dairy products.


A clear, concise recycling label

The How2Recycle® label informs customers how to properly dispose of all product packaging parts and components.

Though you should always check with your local waste management service about what is recyclable in your community, the How2Recycle® label does much of the work for you. For example, on Bowl & Basket milk, you will notice instructions to empty the jug and replace the cap, along with a set of arrows forming a triangle indicating the jug is widely recyclable.

On a package of Paperbird paper towels, you will see How2Recycle® instructions to recycle the plastic wrap packaging if clean and dry and the words “Store Drop-off” to indicate you can return the wrap to any ShopRite and deposit it in the store’s plastic bag recycling bin.


More than just a label

Now that you are familiar with the How2Recycle® label, you will notice it on many packaged goods from some of your favorite brands in addition to Bowl & Basket and Paperbird. You will also notice the label includes a website address: Visit the site to get more information about recycling and access a tool to help you find out what you can recycle in your area.

For ShopRite, the How2Recycle® label offers effective and accurate messaging on product packaging recyclability. The How2Recycle® team reviews the packaging contents of each item and uses its expertise and data to assign the appropriate label. The team also rates individual packaging elements as optimally recyclable, partially recyclable or not yet recyclable, giving ShopRite insight into all of its submitted packaging.

“How2Recycle® is one important part of our sustainable packaging guidelines and efforts,” said Robert Zuehlke, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility for ShopRite. “The How2Recycle® dashboard shows us how we’re doing now, and over time will give us information about where to focus our efforts to improve our packaging to make it even more sustainable.”

The How2Recycle® label is part of a larger initiative of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC). The SPC brings together retailers — including ShopRite — packaging producers, product manufacturers and other stakeholders involved in making or selling packaged goods. As a group, SPC members can work together to make packaging more sustainable and do so in ways that would be impossible to achieve individually.