Gluten Free Holiday Guide

The holidays are a time to relax and celebrate with friends and family, so don’t let your gluten free diet cause you stress this season. Whether you’re the host or a holiday guest, you can enjoy a safe and happy gluten free holiday by following the tips in our Gluten Free Holiday Guide.

Gluten Free Party Guide

Be a part of the planning. If you are attending a dinner party or social gathering at a family member or close friend’s house, let the host know about your gluten free needs. Its best to approach the situation early and come prepared with ideas. Offer to help plan the menu to ensure that at least some dishes will be gluten free. Or, offer to bring a gluten free dish or two.

When in doubt. Don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends for the ingredients in a specific party dish before you indulge to be sure that it’s free of gluten.

Get smart about cross contamination. If you’re attending a party where the meal is served buffet style, you’ll need to be cautious about cross contamination. Ask the host if they can use labeled serving spoons to prevent cross contamination or simply keep gluten free dishes in a separate area to prevent swapping of serving spoons.