Gluten Free Holiday Shopping Guide

Baking Mixes  Cereal
Bob’s Red Mill  ShopRite
Bread and Cornbread Mix ShopRite Crispy Rice
Biscuit Making Mix ShopRite Crispy Corn 
  ShopRite Crispy Corn & Rice
Chebe Chex®
Cinnamon Roll Mix Chocolate Chex®
All Purpose Bread Mix Cinnamon Chex®
  Corn Chex®
Gluten Free Pantry  Honey Nut Chex®
Pie Crust Mix Rice Chex®
Kinnickinick Chicken Products
Graham Style Crumbs Pacific Foods 
  Low-Sodium Chicken Broth
Baking Chips and Chocolate  
Ghirardelli  Cider
Milk Chocolate Chips 11.5oz Kedem
Hershey’s Sparkling Apple Cider 25.4 oz
Butterscotch Chips  
Cinnamon Chips Soup
Premier White Chips ShopRite
Special Dark Chips ShopRite Kitchens Angus Beef Chili with Beans
Peanut Butter Chips ShopRite Kitchens Pumpkin Bisque
Sugar Free Chocolate Chips ShopRite Kitchens Manhattan Clam Chowder
Semi Sweet Baking Bar ShopRite Kitchens Potato & Uncured Bacon
Kisses Milk Chocolate  
Kisses Filled Chocolates – ALL Progresso
Nuggets Candies – ALL Vegetable Classics Creamy Mushroom
Cake Mixes and Frosting Gravy
Betty Crocker Imagine
Gluten Free Brownie Mix Roasted Turkey Gravy Organic 16oz
Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix  
Gluten Free Devil’s Food Cake Mix Green Beans
Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix ShopRite
Duncan Hines Creamy Home Style Frosting Grade A Fancy Whole (frozen) 16oz
Butter Cream Frosting Grade A Fancy Cut (frozen) 20/40oz
Caramel Frosting Grade A Fancy French Cut (frozen) 2oz
Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting  
Classic Chocolate Frosting Potatoes – Instant 
Classic Vanilla Frosting Betty Crocker
Coconut Pecan Frosting Potato Buds Mashed Potatoes 13.7/28oz
Cream Cheese Frosting  
Dark Chocolate Fudge Frosting Stuffing
Lemon Supreme Frosting Gillian’s
Milk Chocolate Frosting Homestyle Stuffing Mix
Strawberry Cream Frosting  
Duncan Hines Whipped Frostings Spices
Chocolate Frosting McCormick
Cream Cheese Frosting Allspice
Fluffy White Frosting Anise Seed
Vanilla Frosting Ginger
Premade Baked Goods Onion
Gillian’s  Parsley
Apple and Pumpkin Pie (Frozen) Poultry Seasoning
  Pumpkin Pie Spice
Kinnickinick Sage
Frozen Pie Crust Thyme
Frozen Cinnamon Rolls Turkey
Pamela’s  Readington Farms
Simple Bites Ginger Mini Snaps Shadybrook Farms Whole Turkeys
Glutino Seasonal Naturally Gluten Free Produce Items
Chocolate Covered Pretzels Sweet Potatoes
  Butternut Squash
Pie Filling  Brussels Sprouts
Libby’s Kale
100% Pumpkin Puree Snow Peas
Easy Pumpkin Pie Mix Leeks
Cream Cheese  Grapefruit
Organic Valley Cranberries
Cream Cheese Bar 8 oz Chestnuts
Cream Cheese Tub 8 oz Clementines