Q:      How can I participate in ShopRite’s Digital Coupon program?
      You’ll need a Price Plus® Club card to participate in the program.  If you don’t have a Price Plus® Club card you can get one in any ShopRite store or sign up via  Once you complete the online form on a Price Plus® Club card number will be issued to you. To download digital coupons to a Price Plus® Club card on or via your mobile device, you’ll need to first set up an account on

You can also load digital coupons to your Price Plus® Club card via an in-store kiosk. Visit your store’s courtesy desk for details.

Q:      How do I set up an account on
      To create a account, go to and select “create account” at the top of the page.  Be sure to have your Price Plus® Club card number and your email address on hand.  Complete the information on the form and click on “register” at the bottom of the page.  Once you have a account and a Price Plus® Club card, you are ready to participate in the digital coupon program.

Q:      How can I view and load digital coupons to my Price Plus Club card?
      It’s easy to load coupons to your card!  Click here to visit our Digital Coupon Center.  You can also find it by clicking on “Digital Coupon Center” under the “Save” header at the top of the home page.  You MUST sign in to load coupons to your card while on  

Please note that most digital coupon offers featured in our circulars are available on the site starting early Friday morning before the ad begins.  **Be sure to remember your password as you will need to sign in to your account any time you want to view and manage your digital coupons.  If you forget your password, you can have it reset by clicking the “forgot password” link.  You will receive an email with instructions to create a new password.**

Q:      There is a digital coupon advertised in the ShopRite circular, where can I find it?
      Advertised digital coupons are available on early Friday morning. At times, special digital promotions are grouped together on the site under a separate tab.  Look for special offers by clicking on the special tab at the top of the digital coupon center, search for the offer by typing a description into the search bar, or filter by brand or category.

Q:      How do I see all of the coupon details?
      If you are on a PC or laptop, hover your mouse over the coupon to see the rest of the coupon details. If you are using a tablet or smart phone, we suggest using our new ShopRite mobile app. When you view a coupon through our app, you can view the details by clicking on the coupon description.

Q:      Can I use my smart phone to view and use your website?
      If you are using a smart phone, we strongly recommend that you download our ShopRite mobile app.

Q:      How do I know if a coupon has been loaded to my card?
A:      First, you MUST sign in to your account
.  If you do not sign in, you will not be able to see what is on your card or load new offers that may be available.  Digital coupons that have been loaded to your Price Plus® Club card will be circled in orange.  Please note that offers do not download automatically – you must click the “load to card” button under each offer.  You can a view a list of the coupons loaded to your card under your Shopping List or go to the My ShopRite section of, click on the digital coupon section and you will see the offers loaded to your card circled in orange. You can also view all your digital coupons on the Digital Coupons center by selecting the Coupon History tab.

Q:      How do I view the digital coupons that are loaded to my Price Plus® Club card?
      You can also view all your clipped digital coupons on the Digital Coupons center by selecting the Coupon History tab. If you have a smart phone, you can download the ShopRite mobile app and use the My ShopRite section to see the offers loaded to your card. Once you have the ShopRite mobile app, you can also view and load coupons to your card by using your mobile device.

Q:      How long do I have to wait before I can use the digital coupons loaded to my Price Plus® Club card?
      Once loaded to your card, digital coupons are available for immediate redemption at your local ShopRite.  Please keep in mind that the coupons must be download before your transaction begins at the register for check out. Coupons stay on your card until you redeem them or until they expire.

Q:    Can I load a coupon onto my Price Plus® Club card multiple times or redeem it on multiple purchases?
   Each coupon may only be loaded onto your Price Plus Club card ONE (1) time. Each coupon is valid for a single, one time use.  However, the amount of offers that can be redeemed, per coupon, can vary. If the coupon is available for multiple redeems, it will be indicated on the coupon description and weekly circular. Coupons indicating multiple offers must be redeemed in a single transaction. Multiple redeem coupons can be found on the “Limit 4 Offers” tab of the Digital Coupon Center.
For example:

“Save $1.00 on Wise Potato chips (Redeem up to 4 offers*) When you buy ONE (1), 12 oz. bag. *Redeem up to FOUR offers (for a total of 4 bags) in a single transaction. For more details see the Digital Coupon FAQ.”

If purchasing two bags in a single order, the total savings for this digital coupon will be $2.00.  This coupon is no longer available even though the maximum allowed redemption was not used since each coupon has a single one time use. If you purchase another two bags in a different transaction, you will not receive the digital coupon savings.

“Save $0.50 on Axelrod Sour Cream or Onion Dressing (Redeem up to 4 offers*) When you Buy ONE (1), Any Variety, 16 oz. container. *Redeem up to FOUR offers (for a total of 4 containers) in a single transaction. For more details see the Digital Coupon FAQ.”

If purchasing five containers in a single order, the total savings for this digital coupon will be $2.00.  This coupon is no longer available and you will only receiving digital coupon savings on four of the five containers, as the coupon is “Redeem up to FOUR offers”.

Q:    Why do some coupons seem to “disappear” from the site after I log in?
    Once you load a coupon to your Price Plus® Club card and redeem it in the store, it is no longer available for you to download from the site.  If you are not logged in at the time you visit the digital coupon page, you will see all of the available offers.  When you sign in, the system recognizes your Price Plus® Club card and then only displays those offers that you have not yet loaded or redeemed.  Remember, coupons that are already loaded to your card will be circled in orange.

Q:    I recently saw a coupon on the website and now it’s no longer there. How can I find it?
    Some digital coupons have a clip limit. The manufacturer supplies us with a limited amount of offers and once that amount has been clipped on our site, it is removed. And remember, if you have already downloaded and redeemed a coupon, it will no longer appear on the site once you are signed in.

Q:    How do I remove digital coupons from my Price Plus® Club card?
    You can use the Unclip Feature to remove digital coupons. It can be found on the website in the Digital Coupon Center as well as on our App. See screen shots.
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Q:    How do I know when the coupons expire?
    The coupons expire at different times. The coupon expiration date is displayed next to the coupon image on the web site. Expiration dates can also be found in your Shopping List along with the full description of the coupon offer.

Q:    Do digital coupons double?
    No.  Although most digital coupon offers are manufacturer offers, they do not double.  Check your local store for details on their double coupon policy.

Q. Can a customer use multiple coupons on any one item?
. No.  Per the terms and conditions of manufacturer coupons and ShopRite’s coupon policy, only one coupon will be accepted per item or offer.
a. If a customer presents more than one coupon for any single item, our front end system will determine which coupon is the better value and apply that coupon to the purchase.  
b. If a digital coupon is a better value than a paper coupon, the paper coupon will be returned to the customer.  
c. If the paper coupon is the better value, the digital coupon will be automatically placed back on the customer’s Price Plus club card. 

Q:    How are my digital coupons shown on my receipt? Will they show at the end of the order or under the item that I purchased?
     Digital coupons are triggered when the cashier presses the total key on the cash register. Digital coupons always come off first before any paper coupons are processed. Digital coupons may be displayed on the receipt in one of two ways, depending on how the store has set up their checkout system. Digital coupon deductions can be identified by the letters TC (targeted coupon), DS (digital store coupon) or DM (digital manufacturer coupon) next to the discount amount.   In stores where the receipt prints after the transaction is completed, digital coupon deductions will appear on the receipt immediately following the item that it was validated against.   If the store prints receipts as the products are scanned, the coupons will all be at the bottom of the receipt after the item detail and before the total is printed.

Q:    What happens if the digital coupon discount does not come off my purchase?
    We make every effort to ensure our digital offers are easy to understand and use. If a coupon does not come off, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Item purchased was not in coupon file: This may be the result of a data input error – a product UPC was inadvertently omitted from the file.
  2. Wrong item purchased. Most digital coupons are for a specific size or variety of an item.  To make sure the item you purchased was included in the offer, you’ll want to sign into your account or check your shopping list.  If the coupon is still loaded and circled on the page, please check the item you purchased to make sure it’s the correct size, variety, brand, count, etc.  Also check the description of the offer to make sure the proper quantity was purchased.
  3. Price Plus Club® card not scanned/coupons loaded to another card. Your cashier may have scanned another loyalty card key tag in error or you may have entered your phone number incorrectly on the key pad. Please check the Price Plus Club® card number printed on your receipt to ensure the proper card was scanned.  If the card number is correct, please log in to to verify that the coupons are loaded to your card.  If they are loaded and the correct items were purchased, please visit the customer service desk for an adjustment.  If you are using your phone number at the checkout instead of your Price Plus Club® card, please ask the customer service desk associate to check the system to ensure your phone number is linked to the correct Price Plus Club® card number.
  4. The digital coupon value exceeds the price of the item.Due to ongoing price changes for everyday sales and/or Price Plus discounts it may be possible that the sale price of an item turns out to be less than the value of the digital coupon. For example, there may be a $1.00 digital coupon offer for an item, but our current sale price on that item may be $.99.  If this occurs, the digital coupon will not deduct because its value exceeds the item price.   While we do our best to prevent such errors, they may occur and we strive to correct them as quickly as possible.  Please visit the customer service desk for assistance.

If you have a question once you are home, we recommend that you visit the contact us page on and send us an email. Be sure to include your Price Plus® Club card number, the coupon offer, and the UPC (bar code) of the item you purchased.  We will review your purchase and provide any adjustment necessary.  You may also contact our Customer Care Team at 1-800-ShopRite (1-800-746-7748) Monday-Friday 8 am to 6 pm and Saturday and Sunday 9-5 pm.

Q:    Does ShopRite protect my privacy?
    Yes.  Please review our privacy policy.

Q:    Where can I get help if I have trouble with something that is not addressed in the FAQs?
     Contact our Customer Care Team by phone at 1-800-ShopRite (1-800-746-7748) Monday through Friday 8 am to 6 pm, and Saturday and Sunday 9-5 pm.

Q:    I don’t have a smart phone or a computer to access and download coupons. How can I take advantage of these special savings?
A:    While manufacturers continue to offer paper coupons for extra savings, many brands are increasing the availability of offers that are only available digitally/electronically.  ShopRite is pleased to bring these extra savings to customers through our website. We realize that some customers may not have immediate access to the internetPlease visit the Customer Service desk at your local ShopRite and they will assist you in loading digital coupons to your Price Plus Club® card.