August 27, 2014

Sun Safety With ShopRite Sunscreen

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Summer in my family means a lot of outdoor time.  Swimming, hiking, gardening or just hanging out at the park are all things we like to do when temperatures soar.

Both kids inherited my fair skin, but neither of them is particularly fond of taking time out from their fun to apply and reapply sunscreen.  That’s why I love sunscreen that comes in spray form, and why I jumped for joy when I discovered ShopRite’s line of spray sunscreen.

Each one is clear, goes on at any angle, and doesn’t require rubbing (great for sand covered kids!).  Application is quick and easy, and all the formulas are water resistant, so I don’t have to worry when the kids go straight back into the water.  It’s so easy to apply that I can hand over the can and they can apply it on their own.

For one last blast of fun before school starts in earnest, a bunch of us moms took our kids and their friends to a local beach for the day.  With five kids to keep protected from the sun, things could have gotten a little crazy.  Instead, I lined them all up and moved down the line, one kid at a time, with a can of ShopRite Kids sunscreen.  In no time flat, they were all sprayed and ready to jump back in the waves, and I was free to sit back in my chair and enjoy the day.