March 14, 2016

Can a Registered Dietitian Help You?

Can a Registered Dietitian Help You?

It’s dinner time. You’ve just arrived home after a long day. So now you’re staring into your fridge, or maybe your pantry, and although it’s filled with all kinds of wonderful groceries, you’re still wondering – what am I going to make for dinner? How can I make it healthy? How can I make it fast? How can I make something that my whole family with enjoy?

Luckily, we have an answer. Why not visit a ShopRite Dietitian and get some ideas, help or assistance with your meal planning and recipes? They can work with you to schedule a FREE one-on-one counseling session to help create shopping lists, menus and recipe options that not only meet your dietary needs, but can help you achieve your health and nutrition goals.

Whether you want to lose weight, feel more energetic, eat healthier, or “lighten up” the traditional meals and snacks that you and your family enjoy, our team of nearly 120 dietitians are here at your disposal, ready and willing to help you (and your family) eat well and be happy.

Perhaps you are dealing with a specific medical condition such as diabetes, cardiovascular issues or high blood pressure, or perhaps you are just curious about buzz words such as “organics” or “gluten free” – our dietitians are happy to provide clarity. They’ll even go shopping with you to teach you how to read labels and understand what foods are best for you.

Plus, if you want to improve your cooking skills, each month our dietitians offer informational Culinary Classes (you can check out the schedule online at, where you can learn to cook and then sample your creations right at the store, and even better, there’s no clean up afterwards.

These services don’t just stop at adults, they even work with kids! Our team of dietitians are available to do tours, scavenger hunts or other kinds of kid-friendly events all year round.

To find a dietitian near you, search our store locater HERE.  Plus, you can always check out your local retail dietitian events calendar (also available online at, to see what programs and events are happening each month.