February 12, 2016

5 Foods to Help Jumpstart a Healthier Diet

Along with millions of other Americans, you may have made a “New Year New You” resolution to lose weight and eat healthier in 2016. We’re sharing 5 foods to jump start healthy eating and you can find them right in your local ShopRite!



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Kale is one of the most nutrient dense greens around, it’s an antioxidant, and it is chock full of vitamin K, Potassium and Iron. Kale is low in calories and full of fiber, so it will fill you up, and keep you regular, helping to get rid of unwanted bloating.

Enjoy kale juiced or in smoothies for breakfast, as a salad green for lunch, bake it into chips as a healthy snack, or sauté it with olive oil, salt and pepper as a side to your favorite protein.


Apple Cider Vinegar / Detox Tea

Drinking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of warm or hot water at the start of each morning is an excellent way to balance your body’s pH levels, prep your tummy for digestion after your overnight fast, and get a dose of healthy probiotics.

If the taste of the ACV is too strong for you, try a ready-made detoxifying tea. Yogi Tea makes a variety of tea bags with natural flavors to help you achieve similar results.



Starting your morning with ½ lemon squeezed into 8 ounces of warm to hot water to help improve digestive function, detoxify the liver and promote skin repair—all before breakfast! One half a lemon in the morning can set you up for success with your meal planning throughout the rest of the day.



Apples are full of fiber and vitamin C! And did you know the skin from apples may help clean your teeth while you’re eating. That’s one powerhouse piece of produce.


Bottled Juices

Cold pressed juices help the nutrients from the fruits and veggies to get where they need to go more quickly and easily.

Juicing on your own at home can be a lot of work and fairly time consuming; but there are some great bottled options if you lack the time or inclination to press the juice yourself. The Evolution brand is cold pressed and doesn’t have a ton of added sugar, making it a worthy substitution.