May 23, 2014

Milk, Eggs, Rose Bushes?

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Gardening season is officially here, and with ShopRite’s convenient garden centers you can pick up some seed packets or potted plants while you shop for the rest of the items on your list.

These roses stopped me in my tracks as I headed into the store this afternoon:

Knock-out Roses live up to their name.

“Knockout Roses” live up to their name.

The vegetable plants and seed packet displays caught my attention as well. An instant vegetable garden: Just add dirt, water and sun.

Sue Garden displays

SUE Garden

Old-fashioned zinnias are easy to grow and make beautiful bouquets.

Sue Zinnia packet SUE bouquet

Love a salad of mixed baby greens? Try growing your own in a pot on the patio.

SUE mixed greens

Fill a large pot with moisture-control potting soil, then sprinkle lettuce/mesclun mix seeds over the top. Cover with ¼” layer of potting soil and water lightly.  Place pot in an area that gets at least 6 hours of full sun a day, and in less than a week you’ll have lettuce seedlings emerging.

SUE Mixed greens growing

Once the lettuce plants are about 3” tall, you can start harvesting your mixed baby greens by cutting about 1” above the soil line. The plants should continue to grow for additional harvests.

Happy gardening!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As a Potluck Blogger, I received a ShopRite gift card to purchase items from the ShopRite garden center.