February 12, 2016

From Seed to Store

ShopRite scours the global garden to pick the world’s best flowers . . . just for you.

An oasis of “ahhhhh” in the grocery aisles, ShopRite’s Floral Department offers shoppers truly beautiful blooms at equally beautiful prices. While it’s easy to see the pretty, not many know the lengths to which our Floral team goes to ensure that ShopRite’s blooms, bouquets and arrangements represent the freshest, longest-lasting and best-quality flowers grown anywhere in the world.

Make that “everywhere” in the world. ShopRite sources blossoms from AROUND THE GLOBE, so our botanic selection is always in season, 365 days a year. Daffodils from India, tulips from Holland, mums and coxcomb and dahlias from the Garden State. Hundreds of stem varieties are shipped daily from your local farm-next-door as well as from the greenest greenhouses in far-flung locales like Kenya and Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and Colombia.

Equatorial farms such as these not only benefit from being set in a climate perfect for year-round cultivation; they benefit their communities . . . and ours. ShopRite sources from farms whose flowers are Fair Trade-certified. This means that our growers pay their workers fair wages and put a premium on the highest environmental standards, resulting in a SUPERIOR-QUALITY PRODUCT. Some—like the Bogota-based, Rainforest Alliance-certified Sunshine Bouquet Co., founded 80 years ago in ShopRite’s home state of New Jersey—offer employees health, dental and day care, plus academic scholarships and a credit union. We’re proud to partner with such forward-thinking companies, knowing that our shoppers can always feel good about the provenance of our flowers.

Another benefit of sourcing directly from floral farms is FRESHNESS. Most florists get their wares through wholesalers, meaning that flowers can sit in a warehouse for days before they find their way to a showroom. We cut out the middle man. ShopRite flowers are shipped from the greenhouse to our grocery stores in mere days, so you get the freshest blooms available. And, of course, freshest = LONGEST-LASTING.

So next time you visit ShopRite, be sure to pick up a premade arrangement or put together your own custom DIY bouquet. Now that you know our seed-to-store story, we’re sure you’ll want to gild the lily every time you visit. Roses