July 7, 2011

Another Reason We Love SHOPPING At Our Local ShopRite Store…

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We are a family that eats lots of fresh produce!  How about you?  My husband is a firm believer that what you put in (your body) reflects on your health, weight and brain development. 

Until a few years ago, our oldest son and daughter didn’t know what candy was, because they weren’t offered it.  Instead, their “treats” were fresh fruit with little sugar sprinkled on top.  Some of our friends thought that was strange … but to us … we knew that feeding them this way would be the best thing for their little growing bodies and brains, and since they never had any processed sweets … they didn’t know they were missing anything.

I’ll admit to you, there are stores that we do not shop at, because their produce is not fresh, their assortment is slim and to be quite honest, their produce department is less than desireable.

Our local ShopRite store is an exception!  We love shopping there!  Their produce department is always clean, their fruits and veggies are crisp, fresh and their variety is amazing.  I also appreciate that they have fresh herbs and we love using fresh herbs when we cook. 

Did you know that ShopRite supports local farmers and that a lot of the fresh produce in their stores is from communities near you?  They have been doing that for more than 25 years!  Whether it’s blueberries or corn, some of the produce you buy at their stores supports our local economy.  I LOVE THAT!

Plus, our kids love the mini-shopping carts found in our local store, so each of them (there’s four) push a little cart around with some groceries in it while we’re there.

Why do you shop at the grocery store you do?  Do they have a fantastic produce section?  Is that important to you & your family?  If you haven’t checked out your local ShopRite store … you might stopping in.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the selection, the quality, the appearance and their prices & stores are “family friendly” as well!  You’ll also be “GIVING BACK” to your community by purchasing these locally grown items!  You’ll feel good, all the way around, by shopping at ShopRite!