January 13, 2011

Warming Up To Some Sweet Pea Mushroom Risotto On A Cold Winter Day…

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I am a California girl … so living on the East Coast (especially with ice and snow) is a struggle for me.  I am cold from mid-October to March from the inside out.  Finding dishes that will not only please the family’s taste buds, but also warm me up inside are important.

That’s why I love Risotto. 

Yes, it does take some work to make risotto, especially if you don’t have a cool rice cooker like mine (with smart technology for perfect rice everytime).  However, even on the stovetop, I think that it’s a dish that pleases the entire family and is worth the effort put into it.

Have you made risotto before?  ShopRite offers an imported Risotto from Italy and it’s awesome.  I’ve cooked with it several times now and I am in love. 

The dish I made for our family tonight is Sweet Pea (ShopRite canned) and Mushroom (ShopRite canned), along with some Chicken Stock (ShopRite canned), some parmesan cheese, some italian seasoning, salt & pepper and onion.  It’s awesome!  Not only does the finished product taste good, but the entire house fills with the delicious aromas!  When it’s cooking, my kids are constantly telling me they are hungry and want me to hurry it finished.  But you can’t hurry risotto.  Like I said before, it’s worth the wait!

I suggest you check out the Imported Risotto, packaged specially for ShopRite and serve your family up a side dish that will warm you up from the inside out.  It’s the perfect cold winter day tastebud pleaser!