October 1, 2014

ShopRite® Waffle Pretzel Bites

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Easiest “homemade” treat ever??


Sue Waffle pretzels Sue pretzel treats M&M's

Grab a bag of ShopRite® Waffle pretzels, some Hershey’s® Kisses and some M&M’s® candies (milk chocolate, peanut, or my favorite – peanut butter).  Arrange some waffle pretzels on a microwaveable plate. Unwrap the same number of kisses and place on top.  Microwave for 30 seconds at a time (should take 3 zaps, or 90 seconds total), until the kisses are glossy and just starting to melt. Press M&M’s candies (sort for team or school colors) onto the melted kisses and refrigerate until firm. Try not to eat them all in one sitting.


Sue pretzel treats arranged


Sue pretzels with kisses


Sue Waffle Pretzel Treats

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  As a POTLUCK blogger, I received the ShopRite waffle pretzels for free.

Recipe and photos by Susan Walter of Subee’s Kitchen.