September 12, 2014

Healthy Back To School Snacks From ShopRite

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For the past two years at my children’s school, a nutritionist from a local program aimed at teaching school children about healthy eating comes to speak to the kids.  They learn about healthy foods, vitamins and minerals, and about what they need to eat to keep their minds fresh and their bodies strong.  They also learn about what foods to avoid or eat in moderation.

This program has been great for my picky eater, who has been paying more attention to what he eats, trying new foods, and reading nutrition labels.  So after this month’s visit from the nutritionist, when my son came home and asked for a lunch snack that was “snacky but not too junky,” I was happy to have ShopRite Scrunchy Animal Crackers to give him.

Crunchy like a cookie but lower in sugar, they are fun animal shapes.  Both kids loved them.  I loved that they satisfied that snack craving without being overwhelmingly sugary, and I love packing them a snack in their lunchboxes that is not only fun, but has a place in their healthy diets.

If your kids don’t like animal crackers, ShopRite has plenty of other healthy and fun snack ideas for back to scho0l.  Try the Organic Raisins in single serve boxes, also great for field trips, or the Fruit Singles Mandarin Oranges.  Just throw in a spoon!

Happy Back To School!