February 24, 2016

Slow Cooked Corned Beef and Potato Hash

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I’m a big fan of not doing dishes. Well. I’m not a fan of leaving dishes in the sink, either. So, I guess I should say that I’m a big fan of not doing a lot of dishes, which is why I adore one dish dinners. Minimal clean-up. Minimal multi-tasking and alternating attention between skillets on the stove. Pass. Shoot. Score.

Emily- Slow Cooker Corned Beef

This is why I love making different varieties of hash.

There are some non-negotiable necessaries to creating the proper hash, in my humble opinion: onions, paprika, eggs, potatoes, nom. The rest is left to interpretation.

To create an ease to this dish, I turned to the always faithful, never disappointing slow cooker to cook my corned beef. One day, I would adore curing my own brisket over several days to create corned beef, but until then- ShopRite’s (already) corned beef is completely super. After several hours of the meat essentially cooking itself without the need of my attention, I can be ready to make one of my favorite dishes in one skillet: a hash.

Another great thing about this meal is that it can fit into any meal of the day. It perfectly suits breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And trust me, since I’ve made this, my family has tried it for all three meals with the same amount of enjoyment! And let me tell you, this bad boy is filling! All you need is a poached egg and you are complete!

Now think of all the things you can do instead of washing lots of dishes.

Slow Cooked Corned Beef & Potato Hash

Yields: 8-10 servings
Time: 11 hours + 25 minutes

2 – 2.5 lbs of ShopRite Corned Beef Brisket
12 oz. beer (a lager, preferably)
1 sweet onion
16 oz. frozen corn
16-20 oz. frozen diced potatoes
6 large eggs
Salt & pepper
1 TBS oregano
1 TBS paprika
1 TBS garlic powder
Olive oil

1. Thickly slice half of the onion into large strips. Place some on the bottom of the slow cooker. Place the corned beef brisket on top of the onions. Add the beer and the seasonings packaged with the corned beef. Top with the rest of the thickly sliced onion. Save the other half of the onion for later. Program your slow cooker to high heat and cook for approximately 6 hours.
2. Remove the corned beef from the slow cooker and slice into bite sized pieces. Set aside.
3. In a large skillet over medium-high heat, add approximately 1 TBS olive oil. Add the diced potatoes and onions, stirring frequently, cook until lightly browned. Add the corn, cook for an additional 3 minutes. Add the sliced corned beef.
4. Drizzle with another TBS or two of olive oil. Season the hash with about 1 TBS of each of the seasonings. Salt & pepper to taste (it took about 2 tsps of salt & pepper, but this can vary to taste!)
5. Portion out the hash onto the plates. Drizzle a touch more olive oil into your skillet and fry your eggs (about 1 minute per side for a runny yolk). Place one egg on each serving of hash!

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