October 11, 2012

ShopRite Imported Organic Pasta and Pasta Sauce

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I used to always make marinara sauce from scratch.  I preserved tomates from my garden each summer, grew my own basil and seasoned the sauce to my liking with my favorite herbs and spices.  Sometimes I canned the sauce, other times I froze it.  It was very time consuming, but very tasty.

This summer our family of two grew to a family of three.  Along with our new addition came regular late night feedings, doctor’s appointments and other obligations and my gardening went to the wayside.  I still make homemade meals for my family, but now I happily use high-quality ready-made sauces, like ShopRite Imported Pasta Sauce.

The sauce has a chunky texture, thanks to the inclusion of whole cherry tomatoes and it has a natural tomato taste, not that sugary-sweet taste that’s common in some jarred sauces.  We’ve used this sauce on ShopRite Imported Pasta on its own and we’ve also cooked it into our favorite spaghetti and lasagna recipes.

I recommend ShopRite Imported Pasta Sauce if you want a homestyle product at a great price.  I’m going to keep a few jars on hand for quick meals after long days with our new baby.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As a POTLUCKTM blogger, I received ShopRite Imported Pasta Sauce from ShopRite for free.