July 29, 2011

ShopRite 30-Minute Marinade To The Rescue!

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My sister-in-law is eight months pregnant with her second child, so when she called and asked if she could come over with my nephew the other day, I immediately knew. She was exhausted.

I had thawed chicken earlier in the day with the intentions of using it for dinner, but hadn’t gotten much past that point. With a hungry three-year-old on the way over, I knew I needed dinner fast!

Luckily, thanks to ShopRite’s 30-minute marinades, I was able to put a simple dinner on the table and spend time with my family, instead of stuck in the kitchen.

I chose the Lemon Pepper marinade and it couldn’t have been easier. I put the chicken in a bowl, poured some of the marinade over top, then prepped salads and got out plates and silverware. In half an hour, I cooked the chicken in a little bit of oil. Since I used tenderloins, the meat was cooked through in no time. Along with the salads, I also served steamed peas and sliced strawberries. The chicken turned out nice and moist and the balance of lemon and pepper was just right. I was pleased to not have to mess with a lot of spices and seasonings on a night when I had a houseful of hungry people.

My kids got to play with their cousin, my exhausted sister-in-law got to put her feet up, and I got to eat a meal that was not only easy to cook, but also easy to clean up.

My latest box of goodies from ShopRite included many different marinades, so I know what’s for dinner this week … chicken and beef in lots of different flavors!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As a POTLUCKTM blogger, I received the ShopRite Lemon Pepper 30 Minute Marinade from ShopRite for free.