December 17, 2015

Maple Syrup Salad

Oh Canada! The country that gave the world Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling and, well, Justin Bieber too. And while our friendly neighbors to the north could certainly be happy with only those exports they had to go ahead and gift the world with the sweet and ever versatile treat that is maple syrup.

(Editor’s note: Yes, we know Vermont taps a ton of trees too but the Canadians are so serious about this stuff that they even keep a strategic national reserve of it! So we’ll talk a lot about them even though we still love the Green Mountain State!)IMG_20151201_173020

And while maple syrup is perhaps most loved when it joins its BFF pancakes at the breakfast table, there are just so many other uses. Obviously, there’s maple syrup cookies, candies, and cakes and we even found a few barbecue brisket maple rubs. And when you’re not feeling pancakes for breakfast, syrup can drizzle its way on over to top a delicious bowl of rib-sticking oatmeal.

But today, on national maple syrup day, we’re taking a look at using syrup in order to give salad a little extra sweetness with a maple vinaigrette.

This is an easy peasy vinaigrette that can be made on the weekend and used for lunch all week. Even better, most of these ingredients (olive oil, honey, lemon juice, and most likely the syrup too) are pantry staples that you probably already have around the house.

This maple syrup dressing could not be easier. Just combine the raspberry juice, syrup, thin sliced green onion, and lemon juice in a small bowl. Add a little salt and pepper to taste then whisk in olive oil. Bing, boom and oh Canada that’s deliciously sweet!

This vinaigrette also pairs amazingly well with any fall pear salad (See what we did there? It pairs with pears! Sorry, we’ll try better next time.) Mix a salad using baby greens, sliced pears, sliced apples, candied walnuts or pecans, and then drizzle our maple vinaigrette across the top for a dish that screams fall. Are you jealous yet pancakes? Waiting for your turn waffles? This salad is too good to pass up!

And the best part about making these salads is that, because you’re eating healthy, you’ll have room for a dish where maple syrup really shines; a warm-cinnamon-apple granola crisp waffle sundae!


Preparation Time:15 minutes

If dressing starts to separate, whisk together before spooning over greens. WM Nutrition: 98 cal., 5g fat, 0mg chol., 25mg sodium, 15g carbo., 1g pro., 2g fiber


1/2 cup refrigerated raspberry juice

1 Tbs maple syrup or honey

2 Tbs thinly sliced green onion

1 tsp fresh lemon juice

2 Tbs light olive oil

6 cups baby greens

1 cup red seedless grapes (halved, if desired)

1 small Yellow Delicious apple, cored and thinly sliced