December 24, 2015

Favorite Italian Tomato Sauce a Can Away

One thing I can never have too much of in my pantry this time of year…sugar, brown sugar, flour, vanilla extract, nuts, chocolate, oats, more sugar, maple syrup, honey and…..

Canned Italian Whole Peeled Tomatoes! Having a couple 28 oz cans of these stocked away and some onions around, means being an hour away to the easiest, most scrumptious tomato sauce, which is an essential part of one of our favorite cold-weather (or any weather, really) Italian meatballs. It’s also delicious with pasta, for chicken parm, or even spooned onto a fritatta.

It is so easy to make your own sauce, especially this one. Whatever you’re making, a jar of this in your fridge and freezer is going to make your life better. Grab a few cans of ShopRite’s Imported Whole Peeled Italian tomatoes, which are found right in the same aisle as all the other sauces and tomato pastes, and let’s get this sauce bubbling. Important: don’t be tempted to buy “crushed” for this particular recipe; it’s all about the breakdown of the whole tomato over the simmering process.


This is a pretty hands-off sauce, but believe me that you’ll stand over the pot for while because it will smell so good.

The recipe for my favorite meatballs (using turkey) can be found here.


Bon Apetite!

Adapted from Food52 via Marcella Hazan’s Essentials of Italian Cooking
1 28 oz can ShopRite Imported Italian Whole Peeled Tomatoes
1 yellow onion, peeled and halved
5 Tbsp/70 grams butter
3/4 tsp salt + more to taste
Few grinds black pepper
Splash wine-optional
Set the tomatoes with their juices into the dry pot with the onion halves and the butter and salt and cook uncovered at a very slow, steady simmer for about 45-55 minutes, until thickened to your liking and the fat floats free from the tomato. Stir every 10 minutes or from time to time, mashing larger pieces of tomato with the back of a wood spoon. At the end, add wine if using. Remove from the heat, taste and add a little more salt and pepper, store a few days in the fridge in a jar or freeze for longer.