January 7, 2011

Super Duper Easy And Delicious Chicken Parmesan

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We eat lots of chicken in our house!  It’s a staple “meat” and I am okay with that.  We all love it!  We like it in enchiladas, we like it made into homemade chicken nuggets and our entire family loves it breaded for Chicken Parmesan.

Do you realize how easy it is to make Chicken Parmesan?  Well, thanks to ShopRite’s breadcrumbs, it’s so easy and simple, it’s pretty much fool proof. 

To make it, I typically slice the chicken breasts in half (thickness wise), and then put a light covering of ranch dressing all over them.  Then I dunk them in the breadcrumbs.

Tonight I used the ShopRite Italian Style Bread Crumbs with Romano Cheese (it’s in the crumbs).  YUMMY!

I bake the chicken at 350 degrees until it’s no longer pink inside.  Meanwhile, I boil the pasta and warm the sauce. 

You can plate it how you’d like, but my husband and children will agree that we all love this dish.  It’s hearty, warm an delicious!  Using these ShopRite Italian Style Bread Crumbs with Romano Cheese made it even tastier than normal … which was a bonus!

ShopRite has an assortment of Bread Crumbs to choose from and they are all amazing!  You’re going to love cooking with ShopRite products.  Our family does!

Keep in mind…this is just one type of dish you can make using these bread crumbs.  I am looking forward to trying to make meatloaf with them!  I think the added “romano cheese” will give an some extra zest!  Since it’s another easy family favorite, you can go wrong with adding a little extra flavor and ShopRite’s Bread Crumbs give it that and more!