July 2, 2015

No Colander? No Problem!

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When my family goes on vacation, we usually stay in a house with a kitchen so we can cook our own food. However, not all rental homes are created equally.  Some are well stocked and some are missing things that are really required. Like can openers. Or knives. Or colanders.

After we stayed in two separate places that didn’t have a colander, my mother-in-law started bringing her own. We always eat spaghetti, the ingredients travel well and it’s a budget friendly option for a crowd. Plus, everyone likes it. But trying to drain a pot of slippery pasta and boiling water without a colander? Good luck with that.

This summer, thanks to Barilla, the colander is staying at home.

Barilla Pronto pasta, which comes in six varieties, doesn’t require draining.  You don’t even need to boil the water first.  Simply put the pasta in a pan with the correct amount of water listed on the label, turn the burner on high and set your timer for ten minutes.  Set your table while you wait or throw together a salad and dinner is ready! Pronto!

Dinner for eight people, including four children, was ready in no time.  Best of all, no one got scalded by hot water or accidentally dumped most of the pasta down the drain.  Thanks, Barilla!

Kayris barilla pronto 1Kayris barilla pronto 2

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