July 8, 2014

Diet Food: Rosemary And Chives Pork Chops With ShopRite BBQ Sauce

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The Fourth of July has come and gone, the sun is blazing, and my garden is starting to produce.  It’s easy to eat healthy when the food is fresh and flavorful.  I love cooking with homegrown herbs and veggies…but I don’t like standing over a hot stove for hours on end.  Shortcuts are totally my friend.

That’s why I’m in love with ShopRite’s line of BBQ sauces.  They come in classic flavors, like Honey and Hickory, and also specialty flavors, like Asian Szechuan and Red Thai Chili.  I used the Honey flavor on my pork chops.  Since the flavor is intense, a little goes a long way, and at only 70 calories per tablespoon, it won’t kill my diet.

All the sauces are great for grilling too.  However, I made mine on the stovetop using a cast iron skillet in the interest of time.

I coated the chops in sauce on both sides and let them sit for about 20 minutes, before cooking them on an oiled skillet with chopped chives and two sprigs of rosemary from my garden.  The sauce thickened nicely and created a great coating on the chops.  More was available for dipping for anyone who wanted it.  I served the chops with cantaloupe, corn on the cob, and greens from my garden.  The whole meal was on the table in about 35 minutes.  It was gone much faster, because the family loved it.

Check out ShopRite’s line of BBQ sauces to supplement the bounty from your garden!