February 25, 2011

$25 Challenge for a Family of 4

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This month, ShopRite issued a challenge to the Potluck Bloggers — create a meal for your family with only $25 to spend.  With  February’s Valentine’s Day holiday top of mind, they sent each of us a gift card to use so that we could come up with complete meal to share with our loved ones.

I wanted to be able to prepare something quick for a weeknight when our family of four tends to have a busy schedule no matter what else may be happening.  I stumbled upon the refrigerated pasta and was happy to see that ShopRite has their own version of it now.  I’ve always liked the refrigerated pasta because it tastes fresh and cooks in a short amount of time.  This is so important when you want to sit down with the whole family before someone has to head off to an activity.  I picked up the ShopRite Spinach and Cheese Ravioli and a jar of Alfredo sauce — which paired  perfectly with the ravioli!  To make the meal more filling, I picked up a package of thin-sliced chicken breasts.  I sliced them into strips and sauted them quickly in a just a bit of olive oil until they were done.  I added about half of the jar of Alfredo sauce to the chicken so it could get nice and warm while waiting for the ravioli to be added to it.

To make it a full meal, I picked up a bag of salad greens and a loaf of ShopRite Bakery’s Italian bread.  I sliced the bread in half and spread butter on each side.  On one side I added chopped garlic and left the other plain.  After a bit of time in the oven to toast it and let the butter melt into the bread, it was ready to serve alongside the pasta and salad!  Everyone enjoyed this meal so much, I’ll be revisiting it often as our schedules are going to be getting increasingly busy as the weather warms up in the Spring.

To finish off our meal, I picked up some fresh strawberries – which were on sale in spite of being in the midst of winter.  The berries were served “in a cloud” of whipped topping.  This entire meal came in slightly under $25 thanks to many of the items either being on sale or value priced.  Go ahead, challenge yourself to find the best deals in the store and feed your family a fantastic meal!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As a POTLUCKTM blogger, I received a $25 ShopRite Gift Card from ShopRite for free.