December 8, 2014

Product Spotlight: ShopRite Mint Blend Tea

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Can I just admit for a second how hard it is for me to break bad habits? What habit am I talking about? I drink WAY too much caffeine. While at work, I would aimlessly chug cup after cup of coffee. That would lead to me getting super jittery and stressed out.

So I’m switching things up. I’ve swapped my afternoon coffee for this great mint tea from ShopRite (a huge bonus that its organic too!). It’s caffeine free and doesn’t dehydrate me. It’s great to drink something warm with all of those frigid winter days coming our way!


I highly recommend adding this to your ShopRite grocery list and swap out all that caffeine for something much better for you!

Disclaimer: I was provided this tea for free for the purposes of this review, but my opinions are my own! 


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