July 13, 2013

ShopRite’s Imported Goodies

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Drink consumption in my house is through the roof in the summertime. I prefer that the kids drink lots of water, but even I want something with a little flavor once in a while.  We have our share of iced coffees and lemonade, but we rarely drink soda. Most are just too sweet for my tastes, but ShopRite’s Imported Italian Sodas have the perfect blend of fizz and lighter sweetness for me.

Another not-too-sweet treat on the Imported from Italy front is the Cranberry Biscotti. These are little biscotti bites that are crisp and delicious with a burst of sweet-tart cranberries throughout. I love biscotti with coffee, and I also really enjoy the Italian soda as-is, but for the kids I decided to go in a slightly sweeter direction. One of my favorite pairings with cranberry is white chocolate, so I dipped the biscotti bites into melted white chocolate and let them set up. As soon as they were done I dropped scoops of vanilla ice cream into short glasses and filled up each with the pomegranate soda.


Italian Ice Cream Soda and White Chocolate Dipped Biscotti

Not only is the bright pink color really pretty, the kids loved every sip of the ice cream sodas and each bite of the dipped biscotti bites. Look for both of these wonderful finds from the ShopRite Imported line at your local ShopRite today!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As a POTLUCK blogger, I received Imported Italian Sodas and Imported Cranberry Biscotti from ShopRite for free.