December 8, 2015

Creative Cakes and Cupcakes

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Since I love to cook and bake, everyone assumes I make all my cakes and frosting from scratch. Not true! Sometimes I will, but most of the time I take shortcuts so I can spend more time on the fun stuff — decorating! Pillsbury Moist Supreme cake mixes and ready-made frosting (Creamy Supreme) are always reliable. (I can’t say the same for some of my from-scratch cakes.)

Here are some of my recent creations using cake mixes. Let your imagination run wild! (Or check out Pinterest for more inspiration.)

SUE Pillsbury cupcake shoes

The cupcake “shoes” were a huge hit at my daughter’s birthday party. Just bake regular cupcakes, frost them, and top with oblong-shaped cookies propped up with cigar-shaped cookies and “glued” together with dabs of frosting. Decorate in pairs, of course!

SUE Pillsbury candy cake

Any 10-year-old would be thrilled to get this birthday cake. Just bake a 13″x9″ cake and frost it after it’s cooled. Then use a piping bag & tip to outline a number. Fill with assorted candies.

SUE Pillsbury cupcake burgers

Cheeseburgers, anyone? Just kidding — these are actually yellow cupcakes cut in half, filled with brownie or devil’s food cake circles and decorated with frosting and sesame seeds.

SUE Pillsbury gumball machine

This was a school Cake Walk cake, but would also be a fun design for a birthday cake. Bake a round and a square cake and frost together, or bake a 13″ x 9″ cake and cut out the shape freehand. Garnish with gumballs.


IMPORTANT NOTICE:  As a ShopRite Panel blogger, I received samples of Pillsbury Moist Supreme(r) cake mixes and Creamy Supreme(r) frosting for free.