July 10, 2012

ShopRite Greek Yogurt

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My husband and I are huge fans of Greek yogurt. We’ve been enjoying yogurt as a quick snack and light breakfast for years and when Greek yogurt became popular a few years ago we gave it a try. We find it more filling than traditional yogurts and the thick, creamy texture feels more like a treat than a healthy breakfast option.

The one challenge we’ve found with Greek yogurt is the cost – it can cost about twice as much as traditional yogurts, so once we had a favorite brand (a popular national brand), we always waited for sales before stocking up.

Recently we were provided with samples of ShopRite’s Greek Yogurt and we are pleasantly surprised to report that ShopRite’s variety is comparable to our favorite national brand, yet it costs about 30% less. We’ve shared our findings with our yogurt-loving coworkers and family members. ┬áMy husband’s favorite flavor is strawberry and mine is peach.

Think beyond breakfast for Greek yogurt, too. I’ve used the plain variety in place of sour cream in my cakes and muffins, seasoned it up and used it to marinate chicken, and I’ve even see people spice it up and use it as a dip for vegetables. The best part is that it’s available in many fat-free varieties. Believe it or not, we actually prefer the texture of the fat-free yogurt. We also appreciate that it does not have any artificial sweeteners – we like to keep our food “real”.

If you’re looking for a healthy, low-calorie snack to grab and go, try ShopRite Greek Yogurt. If you’re already a fan of another brand, pick up some of the ShopRite variety on your next shopping trip and do your own taste test! I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As a POTLUCKTM blogger, I received the ShopRite Greek Yogurt from ShopRite for free.