September 8, 2012

Get Your Protein Fix With ShopRite Greek Yogurt

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As a runner, protein is an important part of my diet. It’s also something I struggle with when it comes to getting enough, particularly after long runs when I need to refuel.

Greek yogurt is well known for being a good source of protein, but until now, I haven’t eaten much of it. I’ve tried nearly every brand on the market and they all taste so sour I can’t choke them down. Regardless of the protein.

So when ShopRite debuted their own Greek yogurt, I bought some for my husband, who loves it in any form. He cooks with it, eats it for lunch, stirs it into sauces and dips.

There was one left in the refrigerator though one day after a long run on a hot day and I was starving.  I grabbed the strawberry flavor, added a couple tablespoons of granola and dug in.  What a surprise!  It was not too heavy, not too sugary, and most important, not at all sour.  Perfectly sized for a snack and also a great dose of protein.  Yum!

I’ll definitely be picking up more in the future, especially since the price was right too.

If you’ve not been a Greek yogurt eater in the past, I’d definitely pick up some ShopRite Greek yogurt and give it another try.