October 31, 2015

Potluck Pets: A Halloween Diary by Shadow the Cat

My humans have been acting particularly peculiar all month – even for them – but today really takes the fish. Throughout the day, they insisted upon shoving their rectangular boxes in my face, holding me against my will and setting off a bright light to blind me! I attempted to find shelter in these hallow ShopRite caves to no avail – they found me as per usual. Over and over again they have placed me next to the large, circular orange plants for their own amusement! They have referred to me as the “Halloween Cat.” (Don’t you remember my name is Shadow?!) And now the smaller humans keep knocking on my front door screaming about “treats” – but there’s no Temptations in sight! Mom opens the door holding me and the small humans try to touch me with the their tiny paws. Can’t a cat get some peace around here?! I can’t keep watch on this house with so many distractions! Oh well, as they say, Happy Halloween! 😉