March 20, 2015

Lenten Foods With ShopRite

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During Lent, the weeks preceding Easter, my family does not eat meat on Friday.  As a young person and then as a newlywed, this was the opportunity to indulge in steamed shrimp, crab cakes, or coddies (codfish cakes, a local favorite, eaten with mustard and Saltine crackers).

Once I became pregnant though, seafood was off the table. I had severe food aversions and could barely stand to be near the seafood department at the grocery store.  Most of my food aversions went away after delivery, but the seafood one persists to this day.  As my oldest child is nearing eleven, I think I’m stuck with it.

It has been pointed out many times the irony of having a seafood aversion when I live in a port city known for seafood, particularly the Chesapeake Blue Crab.  Not only is this true, but it makes Friday dinner during Lent nearly unbearable.

As usual, it’s ShopRite to the rescue!

While many grocery stores have reduced or eliminated their fresh seafood selections, ShopRite has plenty of choices, be it frozen fish fillets, prepared dishes that just need to be heated, or fresh seafood.

This week, I chose steamed shrimp (with Old Bay, of course) and breaded tilapia fillets. The shrimp was steamed and seasoned while I waited, so all I had to do at home was heat it up a little.  The tilapia fillets were pre-breaded, so I just had to pop them into a baking dish and into the oven.  I supplemented dinner with salad fixings from the produce department, fresh French bread from the bakery, and a fancy cheese from the cheese counter.

I still couldn’t eat the seafood, but was able to prepare it without being totally overwhelmed by my aversion.  The family ate well, and I enjoyed my salad and cheese.

Check out ShopRite’s seafood selections for your next Lenten meal!

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