December 24, 2015

Bella’s Blog: Holiday Pet Safety

Merry Christmas, pet lovers! All of my favorite people have been stopping by to say hi and drop boxes underneath the big inside tree. I was sniffing around and found my favorite ShopRite Bacon-Flavored Jerky Strips! I may have opened them a little early…

I also found this cuddly friend in a ShopRite bag waiting to be wrapped. I love Scrunchy Bear, but it’s not a pet friendly toy… it’s for the little boy across the street. That’s okay, I’ll stick with my Lamb Chop dog toy – Mom says it’s safer to play with toys made especially for pups like me! Browse the pet aisle at your local ShopRite to find great stocking stuffers for your pup, like this Lamb Chop Dog Toy, or a Ruff & Whiskerz Stufferz!


Here are 5 other tips to keep us four-legged friends safe this holiday season:

  1. Secure the Christmas Tree: Make sure the Christmas tree is secured – I don’t want to accidently knock it over!
  2. Keep the Mistletoe Away: Mistletoe or holly will give me a tummy ache if I eat it. (But I’ll still take the kisses!)
  3. Keep the Trimmings Tidy: I could choke on ornaments, tinsel and gift wrapping – so please keep it out of my reach!
  4. Blow out the Candles: Please don’t leave me home alone with lit candles – I could knock them over and burn my fur.
  5. No Chocolate Treats: I can’t have those human candies – stick to my favorite dog biscuits!

IMG_9854-SR FINAL RESIZENow you’re prepared to celebrate the holidays with your four-legged friends! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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