February 12, 2016

A Hand-Tied Bouquet for Valentine’s Day

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Nothing says love quite like flowers. And no day is more carved out for showing your love than Valentine’s Day. And sometimes, you put on your DIY-pants and want to give designing a bouquet a try. Today is your lucky day.

Today, I’m going to show you how to take a few bunches of grocery store purchased flowers (from my local ShopRite in West Chester, PA) and craft your own beautiful bouquet, just in time for your Valentine! The best part of this bouquet is that it is ready to go right into the vase. I’ll show you how to arrange a full 360* bouquet, so that your recipient only has to find a vase and water to enjoy your gift!
Valentines Day Instructions 1


Step 1.: Get out all of your essentials: clippers or scissors, a bucket (or as I used, a watering can) to put your flowers into while you work, and the paper bag that you used to bring your blooms home (don’t toss it yet– you’re going to need it!)

Step 2: Remove the plastic from all of the flower bunches and lay them out, so you can get a good look at them. Remove any petals that look unhappy.

Step 3: Remove any leaves that are on the lower portions of the flowers. You don’t want them to get under water– that creates a yuckiness that will shorten the life of your flowers.

Step 4: Also, if you have any flowers that have many blooms on the stem, be sure to remove the lower flowers. Keep them aside and put them in a small bud vase to enjoy!

Valentines Day Instructions 2


Step 5: Identify which of your flowers are the largest in size. Grab several stems of that flower and arrange it loosely in your hand to begin making a bouquet shape.

Steps 6 – 8: One of the easiest ways to arrange is in pairs and threes, spreading it around the bouquet. It helps create beautiful focal points, while also distributing the colors throughout. In twos and threes, begin placing flowers in and throughout the bouquet. Aim to place these groupings in places where there is open air in between flowers.

Valentines Day Instructions 3

Steps 9 – 12: Gently rotate the bouquet in your hands to place flower groupings in the empty spaces. Don’t forget the center of the bouquet, too! Be sure to tuck some lovelies in that space!

Valentines Day Instructions 4

Take a moment to enjoy your creation! Rotate it around to see if there are any holes where flowers may go! Be sure to sigh.
Step 13: Trim the stems of the flowers to the same length.

Valentines Day Instructions 5

Step 14: Now it’s time to work on the wrap you’ll use to keep your bouquet together, and to create a beautiful presentation! Remember that paper shopping bag you’re holding onto? Well, it’s time to turn it into a wrap! Make a vertical cut from top to bottom, along the seam of the bag. Then, remove the flat/bottom portion of the bag (what usually rests on the table). You can discard that portion of the bag. You should now have a long, flat piece of paper!

Steps 15 – 17: Place your bouquet in the center of the paper, on a slight angle. Take the right side of the paper and lift it over the bouquet. Now, take the left side of the paper and wrap it over top. To create a pinched point, gather the paper midway down the bouquet (make sure it’s far under the blooms!), and tie with some string, ribbon, or even yarn!

You have your bouquet! Hooray!