March 14, 2015

9 St. Patrick’s Day Food Ideas Available at ShopRite

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St. Patrick’s Day is just days away. To help you celebrate the luck of the Irish I’ve pulled together some of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day foods available at ShopRite. Whether you are Irish or not, it’s fun to get into the holiday spirit and have that spirit extend to your dinner table.

1. Cabbage: No St. Patrick’s Day is complete with cabbage. If you are a cabbage lover, now is the time to stock up. ShopRite always has cabbage on sale during the weeks leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. For as little as 17 cents per pound, cabbage is an economical produce choice this time of the year.

2. Corned Beef: Whether you like Corned Beef Brisket or Corned Beef on Rye, no St. Patrick’s Day is complete without this famous salt-cured beef product. Pair corned beef with cabbage and you have a classic St. Patrick’s Day meal.

3. Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter: If you have never tried Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter today is the day. This butter is a beautiful golden color and a wonderfully rich taste. Made in the style of all premium European butters, Kerrygold’s higher fat content gives its butter a distinctive richness. The foil wrapper preserves freshness and premium quality

4. Irish Soda Bread: Irish soda bread generally means a somewhat sweet white bread made with eggs and butter, raisins and caraway seeds. The “soda” in the name comes from the baking soda used to leaven it instead of yeast and kneading. Look for Irish Soda Bread in your local ShopRite’s bakery department.

5. Kerrygold Cheese, Imported from Ireland: Another Irish favorite from Kerrygold is their imported cheese from Ireland. Kerrygold cheeses come in many varieties and are available in the specialty cheese section of your store.

6. St. Patrick’s Day Themed Desserts from the ShopRite Bakery: From cookies to cakes and cupcakes, your local ShopRite bakery is sure to have several St. Patrick’s Day desserts to choose from.

7. Green Carnations from the Floral Department: Well, this one is not necessarily a food but you have to give me a pass on this one since flowers decorate your dinner table. So, why not get into the St. Patty’s Day spirit and pick up some green-colored carnations from your store’s floral department.

8. Baileys Irish Cream (contains alcohol): If you local ShopRite sells alcohol and liquor, be sure to pick up a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream. Use it for Irish coffees and desserts. Check out this blog post for 20 Baileys Irish Cream Dessert ideas for even more great uses and ideas.

9.  O’Ryans Irish Potatoes: Irish Potato candy is a Philadelphia tradition.This yummy Philly snack began 100 years ago. This candy does not actually have potatoes in it. They are made of coconut, cream cheese, confectioners sugar, a little vanilla and rolled in cinnamon. They look like baby potatoes. If your ShopRite is located near a Philadelphia store, you are sure to find O’Ryans Irish Potatoes somewhere in the store. I’ve found them at my local ShopRite near the bakery department or at the front of the store. Can’t find them at your local store? No worries. You can also buy them online.

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I hope you enjoyed this fantastic round-up of 9 St. Patrick’s Day Food Ideas Available at ShopRite. May the luck o’ the Irish be with ya. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This post was written by Linda Arceo of Giggles, Gobbles and Gulps

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