July 8, 2013

Local Goodies at ShopRite

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There are some fantastic local food producers near me making everything from tomato sauce to granola to the best chocolate milk you’ve ever tasted. In addition to their fantastic line of ShopRite Brand products, did you know that ShopRite also carries many locally-made items?
When the store first opened up here, I had no idea. Now that I’m a ShopRite regular, though, I’ve been noticing a nice local foods presence on the shelves. ¬†So I recently wandered through my neighborhood store to see how many locally-made and produced products I could find and I was impressed! I know I didn’t see them all, but here are some of my favorite local ShopRite finds.

Strolling through my own store in Albany, NY I noticed some of my favorite local products sitting right there on the shelves, like these two local brands of granola!

And these two locally-made peanut butters. Yum, sesame Asian-inspired and white chocolate varieties!

ShopRite also carries local honey, and not just the traditional clover honey but wild flower, buckwheat and orange blossom honey. Jugs of local maple syrup line the shelves too.

My local store also stocks Adirondack tomato sauce, made in Plattsburgh, NY where my husband grew up! Though if the ShopRite near you doesn’t carry this brand, definitely try¬†ShopRite Imported Organic Pasta Sauce. It comes in a few great flavors and is made with cherry tomatoes.

Now we are getting to the good part. ShopRite carries my favorite local brand of milk from Battenkill Creamery. They also make a mean chocolate milk! Ronnybrook Farms is also represented well in the dairy case.

For my sweet tooth, I was so excited to find that my local store also carries Adirondack Ice Cream!

Did you know that ShopRite is committed to carrying local brands in addition to national brands and their ShopRite Private Label products? It’s a one-stop shop for many of your favorite products. Next time you visit your local ShopRite, do a little investigating. See how many local goodies you can find there – I bet you’ll be happily surprised!