September 27, 2011

ShopRite is Coming to Town!

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Hello Potluck readers and fellow home cooks! I’m Christine, author of the blog Unspeakable Visions, and a new member of the Potluck Blog family. I’m looking forward to sharing ideas and recipes for cooking healthy, affordable and tasty meals at home.

As you can read in my Potluck bio, I cook and bake in a teeny tiny kitchen — it’s less than 40 square feet! So if I can find the space to whip up fun and healthful recipes, anyone can.

As with most households, we try to stick to a budget while seeking out the freshest, healthiest ingredients. I believe that all families of all backgrounds and incomes deserve access to wholesome, natural foods and I’m happy to be teaming up with ShopRite’s Potluck blog to work towards that goal.

I should confess something: I don’t have a ShopRite in my area … yet! I am anxiously awaiting the grand opening of the Niskayuna ShopRite in early October! In the meantime, though, I recently toured the newly-opened ShopRite of White Plains to get a sense of what I can expect from what will be my new local store.

I had the chance to learn about every department and service the store offers, from their fresh produce to their artisan cheese counter and their chef-prepared meals.

Here are a few of the things I’m most looking forward to when the Niskayuna ShopRite opens:

From-Home Personal Shopping. That’s right, do your grocery shopping from home. ShopRite from Home lets you order your groceries either online or by phone for you to pick up later. Some locations even offer grocery delivery. How easy is that? During those really busy weeks when you just can’t squeeze in a full shopping trip, you can shop for groceries with just a few clicks of the mouse and then swing by to grab your items, already bagged and bundled for you.


In-Store Dietitian.
Did you know that many ShopRite stores have an in-store Registered Dietitian? They are available to offer customers free nutritional information and guidance. I had a chance to meet the wonderful dietitian at the White Plains store and can’t wait to meet my local ShopRite dietitian. They will answer your nutrition questions, help plan menus and meals and even help you shop for the healthiest ingredients. Shoppers can also schedule private appointments with their in-store dietitian for personal nutrition consultations. I was really surprised to learn that these services are offered to ShopRite customers at no charge and am excited to finally sit down with a registered dietitian and start planning even healthier meals!


Fresh, local produce.
ShopRite proudly supports local farms and farmers by sourcing a percentage of their produce directly from area growers. You can’t always make it to a farm stand during the week, but a quick stop by ShopRite can still help you support local farmers and the hardworking families that grow your food.

ShopRite Hazelnut Spread.
Stop laughing! This spread is seriously addictive. I’ve been putting it on everything from toast to sliced fruit and even have baked it into muffins and cookies. I will be ecstatic to have a convenient ShopRite location to stock up on this at regular intervals.

 Those are just a few things I’m looking forward to when ShopRite opens near me. What do you like best about your ShopRite? You are the experts! Any secret tips or suggestions? Stop in the comment section and let me know what I should be sure to try.