July 20, 2012

ShopRite Employees Brave the Storm

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Awhile ago, I stopped at my local ShopRite to pick up a few things after work. As I was checking out, an intense thunderstorm rolled through. In fact, our area was under a rare tornado warning with further cautions against damaging winds and hail. While most of us customers decided to wait the storm out, I noticed several ShopRite employees offering to help anxious customers to their cars. They carried umbrellas, grabbed the carts and bags and ran for it in the middle of a torrential downpour! One ShopRite employee escorted an elderly woman to her car under a big yellow umbrella and carried her bags for her. ShopRite employees held umbrellas for customers while they loaded their cars and even ran beside them with grocery bags as they dashed to get out of the storm.

I’m pretty sure you won’t get that kind of service anywhere else. It made me smile, and it also made me wish I had a few towels for those employees to dry off in. That weather was intense!