September 27, 2014

ShopRite and Barilla Pasta’s NYCWFF Sweepstakes

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ShopRite provided me with a variety of Barilla products to test and review in anticipation of their co-sponsorship of a sweepstakes for the New York City Wine and Food Festival (NYCWFF). Check out the contest and enter to win tickets to this year’s NYCWFF.

Barilla is my preferred pasta brand due to the variety of shapes available and the quality. I prefer to cook my pasta al dente and Barilla pasta cooks perfectly every time and holds up well to sauces, even after baking in the oven or reheating in the microwave.

Barilla’s line of tortellini includes a variety of dried pastas. I appreciate the tortellini is shelf-stable because it doesn’t take up precious freezer space and I can always keep a bag on hand for a quick meal. I prepared the Three Cheese Tortellini with Barilla Marinara sauce for a quick lunch for my family. I added some Italian sausage to the mix to appease my meat-loving husband. It was quicker than takeout, simple to prepare and even my 2-year old enjoyed both the meal and its leftovers.

I keep a variety of Barilla pasta shapes in my pantry for quick weeknight meals. Barilla’s jarred pasta sauces are great and I like to enhance them with ground beef or Italian sausage. Once you add meat and customize the sauce to your family’s taste, you can freeze it in quart-sized portions for easy weeknight meals.

We’re big fans of baked macaroni and cheese and with the holidays and cool weather coming we will be enjoying that family favorite more often. I love making macaroni and cheese with Barilla’s Cellentani, which is similar to a traditional macaroni except it has a corkscrew shape.

I’ve found that ShopRite has the widest variety of Barilla pasta available in our area. Try a few new shapes of pasta and don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a trip to to New York for the 2014 New York City Wine and Food Festival!