November 4, 2015


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It is thrilling to receive an invite from ShopRite Potluck each year to attend the New York City Wine & Food Festival. When it arrives, my breath catches in my chest, as I anxiously open it to see the wonderful events happening that year. 

The wonderful thing about driving up I-95 to New York City, is that it is such a short car ride from Philadelphia, yet feels like its a world away once you arrive.

The food lovingly created by the various vendors were, as always, to die for. But, it was just worth living, so that you could continue on and munch some more!  This year at ShopRite’s exclusive and centrally located booth, chefs featured a smorgasbord of original recipes using the delicious and special edition products you have come to expect at ShopRite stores. One item showcased this year was the ShopRite Kitchen Entree, which are packaged ahead of time and ready for you to take home and call it your own! As always, these yummy items were available for attendees to try and love at the NYCWFF.


Unfortunately, my husband and I missed the evening Potluck blogger paint & sip event (due to work) Saturday evening, but then, we were able to fully rest up and take complete advantage of the yummy eats and sips the following day. There was such deliciousness from start to finish between the wines & spirits & nibbles.

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