March 13, 2014

“Littlest ShopRite” Exhibit at the Please Touch Museum

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Marking the Please Touch Museum’s 5th birthday at its Memorial Hall location, the City Capers’ “Littlest ShopRite” Supermarket Exhibit recently unveiled some new features in the museum’s mini grocery store.  Designed to help children practice pre-literacy skills, math concepts and basic life skills, the popular “Littlest ShopRite” Supermarket Exhibit is one of the busiest spots in the Please Touch Museum.

shoprite PTM 2

New features of the “Littlest ShopRite” Supermarket Exhibit” include new checkout lanes and shopping baskets, shopping lists to help children plan menus and quick response (QR) codes with detailed nutritional information for parents.

shoprite PTM 5

At the “Littlest ShopRite” children are encouraged to grab a mini grocery cart or shopping basket and browse through the market grabbing some of their favorite items.  The child-sized grocery store is filled with kid-friendly items including play foods (plastic fruits, vegetables, dairy and meats) and other popular grocery store items such as magazines and flowers to fully round out the exhibit.  Shoppers will see many of their favorite ShopRite brands, as well as popular, nationally recognized products.

shoprite PTM

Once the children have completed their “shopping” they are encouraged to empty their carts and proceed to check-out.  The children take turns completing one another’s transactions and finalizing the sale with imaginary money, receipts and bags.

shoprite ptm 4

After experiencing check-out the children are then asked to help return the items to their proper spots.  Friendly signs are posted throughout the exhibit, “Part of Play is Putting Away” to encourage the children to help clean up. This short message resonates with both the children and the adults and the guests take great pride in helping to maintain the exhibit.

The Please Touch Museum was created as a hands-on play experience for children where they can visit various exhibits and features throughout the museum and learn important skills and concepts through play.  Please Touch Museum was established over 35 years ago. The “Littlest ShopRite” was refreshed as part of the museum’s 5-year birthday celebrating the museum’s relocation to its current location in Memorial Hall which is located in Philadelphia, PA.

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