December 11, 2012

Learn to Cook at ShopRite’s Culinary Workshop!

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Did you know that ShopRite offers cooking classes?  I recently had the opportunity to attend a cooking class at the Brandywine ShopRite in North Wilmington, Delaware.  The class was led by Chef Dianne and the theme was Leftovers Reinvented.  We made four dishes that make great use of traditional holiday leftovers: Turkey Risotto, Carrot Souffle, Bread Pudding and Green Bean Casserole.  

The class used traditional Thanksgiving leftovers, but these methods could be used for any leftovers or freshly cooked ingredients, especially with the holidays approaching.

Chef Dianne is knowledgeable, yet fun and approachable.  My fellow classmates were friendly and everyone participated in the preparation from the meal.  From chopping onions to cracking eggs, everyone completed a task or two to get our meal on the table.

At the end of our two-hour class we enjoyed dinner with two side dishes and dessert.  We also left with written recipes and inspiration to create these dishes in our own kitchens.  I immediately recreated the carrot souffle for my family and everyone raved about the dish!

The classes are a great value and they cover transferable cooking techniques that will make you a more confident home cook.  ShopRite Culinary Workshop is available in select ShopRite locations. I hope the classes come to my ShopRite soon!