January 22, 2015

Crushed Tomatoes, Can Pyramids, and The Zombie Apocalypse… Be Prepared

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January is drawing to a close, which means a few things… Your New Year’s resolutions were out the window weeks ago and, if you’re one who likes to be prepared, you now have an abundance of canned goods in the house, thanks to ShopRite’s Annual Can Can Sale.

So, if you did stock up on cans, you’re probably doing one or more of the following…


• Being practical and stocking up for the winter

• You always like to be ready for the impending zombie apocalypse, when canned goods will be currency

• The Can-Can song has been stuck in your head since the 80s 

• You enjoy creating can-pyramids and/or small forts

Anyway, I can never have enough canned tomatoes in the house. So, after carefully creating a rather impressive pyramid with ShopRite Crushed Tomatoes, I have every intention on making some pasta sauce this weekend. Then we’ll store a few cans for future Sunday sauces and small forts.

Plus, when the zombies finally do arrive, a can of tomatoes will be worth its weight in gold. Nobody’s surviving on creamed corn, people.



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