May 16, 2015

Special Ocassion Flowers At ShopRite

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My daughter, a second grader, recently celebrated a milestone within our church.  The sacrament she received is a pretty big deal, so in addition to the fancy dress and the veil and the shoes with heels, we had a family party at our house.

I bought all the food ingredients and paper goods at ShopRite.

Also on my shopping list was flowers to decorate the table.

ShopRite’s floral department has gorgeous cut flower bouquets, as well as potted plants, hanging baskets, seeds and more.

My girl was thrilled with her flowers and they looked lovely on the table.  Plus they have lasted past the special day and they give me an extra boost every day, to see something so lovely in my house.

Next time you need special ocassion flowers, swing by ShopRite’s floral department!


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